Britannic 2012 Video Archive

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Date Videos
Before the Start of the Expedition Testing the Video Feed of the ROV
14/05/2012 First Morning in Kea
Preparation of the Diving Equipment
First Test Dive [Unedited]
15/05/2012 Meet the Crew
ROV Crew at Work
2nd Test Dive [ROV footage]
Finding the Wreck on the GPS
16/05/2012 First Dive on the Britannic
The Amazing Britannic!
Impressions on Diving the Britannic
17/05/2012 Non Diving Day
19/05/2012 Second Diving Day
Dive near the Bridge
Diving Photos
20/05/2012 Leaving the Dock
Sailing towards the Dive Line
Preparing to dive
Surface Support
Bow and Mast
22/05/2012 Final Dive
Expedition Boats
23/05/2012 How can someone dive that Deep?
Is the weather really important to Dive the Britannic?
24/05/2012 Getting on the Boat is tough
Rib - Commentary
English - Commentary
Dutch - Commentary
The Telegraphs
26/05/2012 Rib - Russian Commentary
28/05/2012 Diving the Britannic